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EMA is the answer to broadly disseminating the Hubbard® Management System. It's goal is to put the tech in the hands of thousands, and ensure it's correct application.

Quentin Strub, Executive Director  WISE East US

What is the EMA?

The Effective Management Association® (EMA) was originally founded by WISE EAST US, as a tool for WISE Members and their friends to boom their business activities and to effectively disseminate the Hubbard® Management System. Right now, the EMA has expanded into one of the largest training facilities nationwide with 20 locations internationally.

The Hubbard Management System

  • History of the EMA

    The EMA was originally founded to create valuable benefits for WISE members and allow them to train their staff on the basics of Mr. Hubbard's Administrative Technology and thus expand their activities and disseminate this miracle tech widely.  EMA's purpose is to reach out into to the world and allow millions of business owners & entrepreneurs to discover the power of Mr. Hubbard’s works in the field of management. 

  • Goals and Position

    The EMA is a secular, non-profit membership association, established to disseminate and implement the Hubbard Management System into millions of small businesses and community at large. As the only organization of its kind, the EMA provides a multitude of services to its sizable membership.

First Target

1,000 Members

Our immediate target is to reach 1,000 Founding Members, from which point we will promote the EMA Membership to millions of business owners worldwide.

Second Target

10,000 Members

How We are Getting it Done

  • Bootcamps

    The Effective Management Association is dedicated to entrepreneurs and business owners who know that application of technology is the missing link in GETTING RESULTS. The EMA is here to make sure the application steps GET DONE with our Leaders in Business Bootcamps.

  • Specialist Courses

    Our NEW Specialist Courses are each taking a segment of the Hubbard Management System to provide an in-depth journey into the know-how of increasing your company’s prosperity.

  • FastTrack Training

    Yes, good personnel may be hard to find but these online video courses can train your staff and make them familiar with your company’s basic structure as well as the fundamentals of management, organization and inter-office relations.

Patrick Valtin

Director and Chief Advisor, EMA International

Patrick V. Valtin, a senior Hubbard Management consultant and a Lifetime Achievement Award Winner of WISE, was invited to join the EMA team in the game to make EMA the biggest and the most influential management association in the world.


In the last 32 years, Patrick has traveled to 37 countries and has delivered the Hubbard Management principles to over 140,000 business owners, executives and sales professionals. A founding member of the Advisory Board for the Hubbard College of Administration International (HCA INTL), he is a passionate ambassador of the Hubbard Management System.

Membership Perks

  • Free Hiring Bootcamp

    Watch a recording of one of our most popular Bootcamps. "How to Rebuild Your Team After COVID-19" with Patrick Valtin. Hiring is a skill that keeps most business owners and managers from reaching Phase 2. Get the blueprint and method to improving your hiring system, and get the right people for the job.

  • EMA Yearly Convention

    The goal of EMA is a healthy and thriving community that appreciates and relies on the Hubbard Management System. Our Yearly Convention brings our community together to update you on our progress and share dissemination success.

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